Antiseptic Tulle Gras Dressing B.P.

Consists of a cotton leno-weave fabric,impregnated with soft parafin BP, containing 0.5% Chlorhexidine Acetate sterilized by gamma radiation.
Chlorhexidine is an anti-microbial agent that is active against a wide range of gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria but inactive against spores, fungi and viruses. It is more effective in Gram-Positive than Gram_negative organisms, and some species of Psuedomonas and Proteus are of limited sensitivity.

Elastic Adhesive Bandage B.P.
  • High quality 100% cotton cloth
  • High quality Zinc Oxide adhesive
  • Porous adhesive to allow skin to breathe
  • Central yellow line for correct alignment of bandage to anatomy
  • Non-Fray-Edged cloth for maximum comfort.
Cannula Fixator
Additional Strip for extra adhesion
Bandage For Fixation & Securing
Fine quality polyster and viscose of international quality.
  • skin friendly
  • porous & absorbent
  • sterilization & washable
  • Non-fraying edges
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Very light compression required
  • Fixation of wound-pads
Paraffin Gauze Dressing B. P.
Ceptinet is used as a wound dressing.

Sterilized ready for immediate use-normal loading

  • Sterilized by gamma radiation
  • Consists of a cotton leno-weave fabic
  • impregnated with sotf Paraffin B.P.
Orthopaedic Synthetic Casting Tape
Optty Cast is a Synthetic casting tape impregnated with polyurethane resin which is activated by water berfore use. Optty Cast is one of the top quality products in the market- this haa been proven through years of successful sales.
Elastic Crepe Bandage
Cotton, stretch material of international quality imported
firm clips that firmly keep the bandage in place.
  • Excellent dermophyllic properties
  • Highly porous & absorbent
  • Sterilizable & washable
  • Non-slip crepe material
Orthopaedic Cast Padding
SOFTPAD is a non-woven viscose padding that is porous highly comfortable,strong,yet easy to tear and is suitable for use with all casting materials.offers protection and patient comfort,while helping to breduce water retention for a drier cast.
Plaster of Paris Bandage
Plaster of Paris bandages are made from a specially woven cloth uniformly impregnated with fine quality, fast setting plaster of paris. The bandage is spooled on a roand core for superior bandage stability.
Cotton Crepe Bandage
Orthoflex is a skin coloured cotton crepe bandage with longitudinal stretch and fast edges. ORTHOFLEX is made from 100% cotton, it is flesh coloured with optimal stretch
and provides light to medium compression.
Triple Antibiotic Gauze Dressing
Ceptiplus Is a medicated tulle gras dressing impregnated with white soft paraffin containing a unique bactericidal antibiotic formulation
Elastic Bandage for Compression
  • Flesh coloured elastic bandage.
  • non-fraying edges.
  • Elasticity obtained by combination of cotton and polyester.
  • Stretch material of intenational quallity.
Cohesive Fixation Bandage
  • Light, Self - Adhesive Fixation bandage
  • Made of cotton and polyamide
  • Cohesive but not does stick to skin, hair or cloth
  • Good skin tolerance, non-slip fit with a smooth surface and cut edges
  • Easy to apply on rounded or tapering parts of the body. no additional fastening of ends required.
  • Fixation bandages of a supportig character
  • Light compression bandages for wrapping around. Synthetic Casts well suited for children
Major Customers
  • Manipal Hospital Bangalore.
  • St. John’s Hospital Bangalore.
  • Mallya Hospital Bangalore.
  • Apollo Hospital Bangalore.
  • Wockardt Hospitals Bangalore.
  • Sagar Hospitals Bangalore.
  • B.G.S Global Hospitals - Bangalore, Mysore.
  • Command Air Force Hospital, Bangalore.
  • K.M.C Hospital Manipal.
  • St. Philomena’s Hospital, Bangalore.
  • Columbia Asia Hospital Bangalore, Mysore.
  • Bharat Earth Movers Limited, K.G.F.
  • Bharat Electronics Limited Hospital, Bangalore.
  • BIRRD Hospital Tirupati.
  • S V I MS Tirupati.
  • C M C Vellore.